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August 3, 2013
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The Spaniard stretched his arms , yawning loudly. Rubbing his eyes Antonio got off the bed still sleepy. He didn't really get enough sleep after last night. Someone has been partying hard with a certain obnoxious... Prussian and a pervy Frenchman. He yawned again , even more loudly this time. This caused (Name) to wake up as well. The girl slowly fluttered her eyes , revealing her bright (e/c) orbs. Antonio heard her yawning softly. He turned around and walked towards her side of the bed. "Buenas dias (Name).. looks like you slept well last night huh?" he says groggily , taking the girl in his arms. (Name) nodded , nuzzling against his chest. "Good for you tomate. Let's go get breakfast si?" he yawned. He went downstairs with his curly brown hair all messed up. His eyes , a bit red from lack of sleep. "Buenas dias Lovi.." he greeted , although it sounded like he's mumbling. Lovino huffed as he took a tomato and literally ate it whole. "Tmmphto bsshhtrd!" he grumbled , the tomato still in his mouth. (Name) smiled at him , causing him to blush a bit. Antonio placed (Name) on a high-chair , close to the counter so she could see him. She is pretty clingy so he had to place her near him. "Does eggs sound good to you (Name)?" Her stomach made a loud growl. (Name) awkwardly smiled at him. Antonio face lit up a bit "I'll take that as a yes". He went to the cupboards and picked up some pepper. As he cooked the eggs he sprinkled some. Suddenly he felt something ticklish in his nose. He continuously  scrunched his nostrils. (Name) tilted her head , wondering why her father is acting strange. "ACHOOO!" He sneezed. Silence. "Teehee..!" (Name) giggled softly. Antonio looked at her smiling at him. Then she started laughing. "HA HA HA HA HA!!" (Name) bawled in laughter. The Spaniard's lips slowly curved into a smile. Then fully smiling. "Achiw!" (Name) rubbed her nose. She looked at Antonio. He had a small blush on his cheeks. Then she starts laughing again. The Spanish man couldnt help it anymore. He too started laughing. The two both shared a hearty laugh and it filled the kitchen. Lovino walked in , very very confused. "OI! What the hell is going on here?!". They both stopped laughing. Antonio patted (Name)'s head. "You just made my day tomate~!" he sang , kissing her nose. (Name) giggled. Lovino's stare softened a bit. He walked away , his lips slowly curving into a smile.

---Time Skip----

After eating breakfast , Antonio got dressed for another world meeting , luckily its held in Spain so he isn't going far. "Now (Name) , be good while papa's gone! Don't eat too much sugar alright tomate?" he instructed the girl. (Name) simply nodded. "Your babysitter should be here soon. Don't cause too much trouble ok?". he instructed again. All (Name) could do is nod. Antonio smiled and took her in his arms "And don't worry! Papa will be back.." he says kissing her cheek. (Name) tilted her head. Then looked at the floor , then her papa's eyes. "". she says. His eyes widened "Say that again tomate?". (Name) furrowed her eyebrows a bit , then opens her mouth again. "Papa". she cheerfully said. Antonio grinned "She called me papa..." he said to himself. He then starts twirling (Name) around his arms "SHE CALLED ME PAPA~!" he danced. (Name) giggled , she likes being twirled around. Antonio stops , some tears fell from his eyes. He embraced you lovingly. "Te amo (Name)". he whispers. He kissed her cheek again. "Papa!" she cooed. Antonio chuckled , slowly putting her down on the floor. Lovino cleared his throat. "So'a.. can we go now?! WE'RE GONNA BE LATE TOMATO BASTARD!". he says hiding his pink-tainted cheek. Antonio grabbed his bag "Si I'm coming Lovi~! Bye (Name)!" he says , rushing out the door. (Name) waved at him , smiling a bit. "Lovi! Go say goodbye to (Name)!". Lovino's face flushed , he awkwardly waved at (Name). "Yeah..uh..goodbye (Name)" he says. "Lovi~". He quickly looked at her. (Name) giggled "Lovi~! Lovi~!". The Italian smiled at her a bit. "AWWW~! That's so cute! She called you Lovi!!" Antonio "fangirled". The Italian huffed , his face redder than a tomato. "Sh-shut up dammit! Let's just go!!". he scowled. (Name) and Antonio just laughed. She always makes his day brighter. And she is the many reasons why he is always happy.

"Te amo , mi tiny tomate~"
*le me trying to find a preview pic*
:iconhazelnaughty::iconsaysplz: GAHHH!! Romano!! I love you and all and you and Spain look adorabubble together but MAN! Can you like GTFO?! I need a shot of him and only him! Sure you're in this story but he's the star of the show! DUUUDE COME ON!! GET OUT!! GET OUUUT!!

after 10 minutes of getting distracted from all those Spamano pictures...I fell asleep. -.-

I hope you liked this short Spamano- *gets hit by Germany* I MEAN Spain x Reader fic. ^^ (Jesus Christ! Doitsu you haad to hit me don't ya! >:/ :icondoitsuplz: :iconsaysplz: It because you alvays mess up frau! Keep it togezher!)

Translations~! (courtesy of Dora The Explorer)
Buenas Dias - Good Morning

:iconsexyspainplz: :iconcuteromanoplz: (c) :iconhimaruyaplz:
You (c) :iconhappyspainplz:
Story (c) :iconhazelnaughty:
Picture (c) Owner.
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Love zhe story!

It's awesome c: Danke für writing it!
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