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June 29, 2013
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(Name) quietly scribbled on her notebook. A huge smile was on her face. Feliciano , her father , was right beside her. His eyes were misty , filled with tears that are about to fall.
Pain and bitterness filled his heart , but seeing his precious (Name)'s smile washed them off.
The young girl coughed and wheezed. Worry was written all over Feliciano's face. Quickly rushing to her side he gently stroked her back , making her feel some relief. "A-are you'a okay bella?". (Name) looked at him , a faint smile on her face. "Si papa.. I'm okay". Feliciano sighed , still rubbing her back. (Name) exhaled and continued drawing. The Italian stood up
and walked towards the window. Slowly wiping of the tears that escaped his eyes. Seeing his only angel , suffering such dreadful illness was too much for the usual cheerful man to bear.

"Papa! Papa! Look what I drew! Its you!". An energetic (Name) says showing her drawing
to Feliciano. "Vee~! That's amazing (Name)! You're a really good artist bella". he beamed
ruffling her hair. "Did you really like it papa?". The Italian chuckled as he picked her up.
"Of course!". (Name) cheered and hugged his neck. "Ti Amo papa~!".  
"Ti amo troppo mia bambina~!". He says kissing her cheek.

"Is'a anything else you'a could do for my bambina d-doctor..?". A really worried
Feliciano asked. "I'm sorry Mr. Vargas but.. It's too late. She only has a few months
to live. We tried. Please excuse me". the doctor says as he left. (Name) coughed
violently "'s going on..?". she stuttered. Her (e/c) eyes filled with deep
sadness , locking contact with Feliciano's brown ones. "It's gonna be alright (Name)..! You just'a have to stay strong okay? For papa..?". Feliciano whispers , his voice cracked a bit. "Okay papa..I will...". (Name) says smiling before passing out. Feliciano gripped her hand tight. "Stay strong (Name)..."

"Stay strong...".

"Papa?". Feliciano turned his attention to the small girl who was still coughing a bit.
"Are you okay?". she asked. "Si I'ma okay bella!". He faked a smile.
(Name) smiled and continued her little drawing.  He slowly walked toward her. "What are you'a drawing (Name)?".  The little girl grinned "You'll see it soon papa, it's a surprise!". she cheerfully exclaimed. Feliciano smiled "Alright (Name)". She coughed again , squinting in the pain. Feliciano rushed to her side again , comforting her. Her ailment is getting worst. (Name) stopped coughing , gazing at her father's eyes.  Tears streamed down his cheeks , she noticed this and gripped his hand tightly , smiling. "Papa..please don't cry". (Name) whispers. Feliciano blinked and giggled softly. "I look like total mess'a huh (Name)?". (Name) giggled and hugged him , he hugged her back , tears still streaming down his face.
The phone rang ,interrupting the two. Feliciano sighed "I'll be right back bella". (Name) nodded and continued her little drawing. As she worked on her masterpiece she could feel
herself slipping away slowly.

-Time skip to 20 minutes later-

(Name) finally puts the finishing touches to her drawing. "And done! Perfect-". (Name)
coughed and wheezed. She finally stopped and looked at her drawing.  Tears rolled down her eyes. How she wished she could stay longer , just to be with him. (Name) wrote something on the back of the paper. As she wrote the final letter of one of the words. Her eyes began to feel heavy. Her breathing slowing down. (Name) slowly fell onto the bed , smiling as she thought about being with Feliciano. The time he found her and took her in his home , the time they played together , all those times when everything was just so happy. (Name) coughed and coughed , only stopped when she breathed her last.
"Ti amo....papa...."

-Time skip to 10 minutes after that-

Feliciano hung up the phone. It was his friend Ludwig calling him , discussing some important matter. He walked to (Name)'s room finding her "sleeping". Her peaceful expression made his heart flutter. Feliciano noticed her drawing that she was working on all day. He picked it up and his expression darkened. His heart ached. It was a picture of him and (Name) at the park. "Mia bambina....". He flipped over to the back.

 I hope you like this drawing Papa! This was us when we were in the park.
   You know  , where you found me!
   I wish I could stay longer. I don't want to leave you Papa. I am so happy that I
   have a really loving father. I love you Papa. I'll be waiting for you.

   Love (Name)

Feliciano glanced at her. He was already crying. "Papa anche tu il mio tesoro ama..". He went closer and caressed her cheek. He noticed it felt cold. When he examined more , he began shaking her limp body. "(N-Name)?! (Name)! Please'a wake up. Please! D-don't'a do this to m-me..!". His voice was filled with agony and worry. Eyes wet with tears. "(Name)! (Name)!! Mia bambina...! Il mio unico tesoro..". Feliciano sobbed over his daughter's lifeless body. Slowly picked her up , embracing her. "Ti amo...(Name)..I will never forget about you...".

-5 years later-

Feliciano sighed in content. He and his wife were already settled in their new house.
"Honey can you please bring this box to the attic?". he heard her say. "Of course bella~!". he said in his usual cheerful manner. She smiled and went her way to their room.
The Italian slowly took out all the things from the box. Then he came across a very familiar picture. It was a picture of (Name) and him. Attached to it was (Name)'s final drawing , the one she died doing. Feliciano sadly smiled and hugged the picture. Its been 5 years since her death. Even if alot happened in his life he never ever forgot about her.
"I miss you so much my (Name)...I hope you're happy..where ever you are..Papa loves you so much". He gave a slight kiss on the picture before placing it inside a small frame.
Just then his wife came in. "Feli? Is everything alright?". He turned around smiling a bit. "Oh'a everything's fine mi amore~!". She smiled and embraced him. "Oh umm.. I forgot to ask you..what should we name our baby girl?". She asked rubbing her slightly bloated stomach. Feliciano glanced at the picture , smiling genuinely. "I know..".

"We should call her... (Name)".
Yus! It'sa done! I thought about this during a rainy day and rainy days make me think about really depressing stuff. THEN BOOM! This!

Dont ask who Feli's wife is.. believe me.. I don't know myself.. (I will find her and tell her to NEVER EVER BREAK HIS HEART OR EVEN DARE LEAVE HIM AND READER-CHAN *being held back by Germany* ASFDFDDHDKJKL)

Ti amo- I love you
Ti amo troppo - I love you too
Mia bambina - My baby girl
Il mio unico tesoro - My only treasure
Papa anche tu il mio tesoro ama- Papa loves you too
mi amore- my love

Soooo yeah~! ^^
Italy (c) :iconhimaruyaplz:
You (c) :iconcuteitalyplz:
Story (c) :iconhazelnaughty:
Picture (c) Owners

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