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July 14, 2013
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Dedicated to my adorable niece :D
Happy birthday kiddo~!

It was raining and Ludwig was on his way home. He ran towards a waiting area with a small roof , giving him some protection from the rain. He sighed as he patiently waited for the rain to stop. The German sat down at one of the seats , drying himself a bit. Then not a minute later he heard light splashing sounds. A little girl , probably 7 or 8 scurried towards the waiting area. Her (h/c) hair  was wet from the rain. She panted slightly and sat down beside him.
She wore a (f/c) t-shirt and pants. She held a small notebook , which was wet from the rain.
A smile was plastered on her face , soflty humming a Nursery Rhyme. Her feet swinging back and forth. Then she turned her attention to Ludwig  ,who was blankly staring at the sky.
Ludwig then felt her eyes on him and looked at the young girl. The girl smiled "Quite the weather we're having huh?". Ludwig was surprised that a girl her age could talk like that.
He smiled and nodded. The little girl grinned , looking up at the sky. Ludwig cleared his throat
catching her attention. "Didnt you're mozher tell jou not to talk to strangers?". He asked firmly , however the girl didnt mind. "Yeah but you seem pretty nice!" she cheerfully said.
He smirked , slightly amused by her answer. "Vell vhat if I vasn't nice?" he again asked her.
"Dont worry!" The girl responded. She scooted closer to him and whispered "I have a knife.." she said smiling  like Jeff The Killer , making Ludwig a bit uncomfortable. Though she was just lying , the girl find it funny that he believed her , as she see fear written all over his face.  The German quickly thought of something to change the topic. "Vh-vhat's your name Mädchen?"
he finally said. "(f/n). (f/n) (l/n). What's yours?". Ludwig smiled.  "Ludwig Beilschmeidt". He says as he extended his hand. (f/n) shook his hand , very happy to meet a new friend. "Nice to meet you Ludwig Bells..shhm..uhh". Ludwig chuckled "You can just call me Ludwig." The girl nodded "You have a funny last name. I take you're not from here?" The German nodded.
"Ja , I'm from Germany."  (f/n) tilted her head "Germany?" she repeated. Ludwig nodded again "Ja. Germany."  
"Isn't that where all the Grammar Nazis come from?" (f/n) asked. Ludwig raised an eyebrow. "Was?"
"Nothing."  the girl pulled a blank expression. Ludwig stared at her for a second then shaking his head a bit. "How old are you?" he asked breaking the silence. (f/n) showed 7 of her fingers , indicating she is 7 years old. " you're only seven." (f/n) nodded "How bout you? How old are you?". Ludwig looked at her with a WTF face. He sighed "Vell I'm so old you're brain vill explode." (f/n) looked at him and suddenly smiled "COOL!". The German
chuckled again. "Do you have a brother?" she asks. Ludwig nodded "Ja , I do. He's name his Gilbert."  
"I see.." (f/n) says. "Do you have a girlfriend?" she asked again. Ludwig's face flushed pure red. "Uhh..".  The girl looked at him with anticipation. "I..razher not talk about it." he replied averting his eye contact from her. (f/n) giggled "Alright. I'm sorry." Ludwig smirked. "You are really nice." she whispers , looking at the sky. Ludwig felt a bit of warmth from her words. They both notice the rain has stopped , the sun peeping out of the clouds. "Hm. Looks like zhe rain has stopped." he said as he stood up. (f/n) nodded and stood up as well. She looked up to Ludwig , who was smiling at her. "I should be going now , my mom is probably looking for me." (f/n) said. "Ja I think so too. You better get going zhen , be careful on your vay home." (f/n) nodded "Okay. You be careful too." Ludwig chuckled and lightly patted her head.  "We'll see each other again right?" she excitingly asked. "Of course." Ludwig says.
(f/n) fist pumped and began running at the opposite direction. She stopped only to wave goodbye to her new friend. Ludwig smiled and waved back. He then started walking to his house , looking back to see (f/n) running along the sidewalk until she is no longer seen. Ludwig chuckled 'Vhat a nice girl..' he thought as he walked home , smiling like there's no tomorrow.  He just made a little friend.
I based Reader-chan's personality off my niece. She is like that ^^ and she really asked a German friend of mine if Grammar Nazis came from Germany XD Man..
And yes she has this creepy smile of hers that makes my hair stand up. O.O Jeez..

Yeah so I hope you like this short story. I cant get enough of these Child!Reader inserts! Why?!?! D: They are just so :iconitssofluffyplz: and cute :3

:iconsexygermanyplz: (c) :iconhimaruyaplz:
You (c) :iconprussiaplz:
Story (c) :iconhazelnaughty:
Preview pic (c) Owner
The line "Germany? Isnt that where all the Grammar Nazis come from?" (c) My niece , Cyrie :3
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"Vell I'm so old you're brain vill explode."
"Nice to meet you Ludwig Bells..shhm..uhh"
"Isn't that where all the Grammar Nazis come from?"
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CuppyCakessss Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2014  Student Artist
Omfg... I kept thinking in my head: " Doitsu is a PEEEDOOO~!" And then I asked my self: 'what is wrong with me' Oh yess 
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"Isn't that where all the grammar nazis are from?"
................ *le dead*
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"Nice to meet you Ludwig Bells..shhm..uhh"
I started doing it myself and started laughing XD
When u put Jeff The Killer that made my day i fell of the chair!!! XD Love the story to!!!
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